Rx-Care RIS - Radiology information system

Rx-Care RIS - Radiology information system


Due to recent advances in information technology such as computers and networks, many medical institutions are interested in installing an intrahospital information system or a radiology information system ( Rx-Care RIS ). Such systems provide an integrated environment in which high-quality medical services can be provided quickly and efficiently.


  • Integrated billing becomes easier to administer and the payment cycle gets shortened.
  • Automated claims submission makes billing more efficient.
  • Integrated patient scheduling ensures smooth running of your business.
  • Patient medical record now easy to be retrieved.
  • Detailed financial record keeping improves cash flow.
  • Electronic access to payers streamlines revenue flow.
  • DICOM ready to enable the user to store digital images into the system.
  • Follow global standards of HL7.


  • Services and services groups.
  • Multiple cashier stations and their shifts.
  • Physicians and physicians accounts.
  • Clinics and specialties.
  • Patients registration.
  • Services registration.
  • Security system with advanced user roles.
  • Reporting system over 200 financial reports.


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