Rx-Care LIS - Laboratories information system

Rx-Care LIS - Laboratories information system


Rx-Care LIS is the most powerful tool labs have to manage complex processes, ensure regulatory compliance and promote laboratory and enterprise collaboration.

Rx-Care LIS is designed for a wide variety of laboratory environments operating in many scientific and industrial disciplines.


Database Independent & Centralization.

  • Scalability.
  • Integration using Component Ware methodology.
  •  Multi-languages System.
  • Reports that serving most of the needs of the user.
  • Report Exporting.
  • Free Text Mode which could be electronically signed by the user.
  • Bar-code generating and reading through various subsystems.
  • Archiving that supports image processing and storing technology.


  • Test Information.
  • Master Patient Index "MPI".
  • Service Request.
  • Sampling and bar-code printing.
  • Result entry.
  • Modality Interfacing.
  • Medical Record.
  • Medical Insurance Account.
  • Patient Billing.
  • Physician Account.
  • Cashier.
  • Inventory Management.


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