Save Health and Save Money

Our proprietary, next-generation technology platform seamlessly drives all elements of our brand Rx-Care point of care medication dispensing, including physician order entry, automated claims management, real-time organization financial reporting, and customer relationship management. Its rules-based claims engine is built on 18 years of workers’ compensation claims data, payment rules for over 5,000 Health Care Facilities, and a complex array of state-specific rules and guidelines.


Rx-Care Know How!

Save 7% through implementing Inventory Control Tools.
Save another 7% through implementing Heath Insurance Control Tools.
Save another 5% through implementing Service Fees Calculator Tools.
Save another 2% through implementing Medical Record Advanced Tools.
Also Save another 1% through implementing Rx-Care Security System.

That means: your Health Care Facility can save 22% after contacting Rx-Care

Sales Team.