Why CompuMedical

Industry Description:

Companies that design, develop, market, and support software for managing health care facilities, usually include applications for managing patients' information, medical information, financial records, insurance claims, and the operations of hospitals, medical practices, clinics, pharmacies, radiology centers and laboratories.

Why CompuMedical?

As the market of the health care grew tremendously during the past few years and due to the rapid changes in the type of services and Products offered by health care facilities to their customers, the need for IT solutions that fit the increasing requirements of the personnel worked in that field and satisfy customer who became aware of the benefits results from implementing the technology in all fields specially that affects his daily activities and his health.

As a business leaders in the MENA area we adopt a unique vision that is focusing on streamlining technology business development to offer benefit from small to big businesses and corporations through well prepared studies of business needs, targets and financial positions.

We strive to introduce the most creative and sophisticated solutions counting on our superb technical expertise and insightful academic medical researching.

CompuMedical company for health care IT solutions was established in 1992 in Egypt as a Egyptian joint stock company with a capital of 2500000 L.E to develop the software industry that serves all medical sectors.

The main motivation for our sequential success is our deep awareness of all techniques & the software industry components.

The efficiency and the power of companies are measured by three factors:

1- The history & the experience of the company.

2- Technical employees' numbers & technical efficiency of the company.

3- Company's expansion & the ability to provide excellent services in a vast geographical area. 


approach is to minimize your risk and maximize your return on investment (ROI) by carefully analyze your case and completely understand your requirements. Our Proven legacy of business process and deep knowledge in different industries enable us to provide you with functional knowledge and expertise to streamline your operations with help of technology. We keen on build ongoing relationships with our customers through knowledge transfer, comprehensive and on job training and through the high quality technical support.


Our clients deserve to be properly rewarded with their investment in health care IT solutions by achieving their objectives and realizing their business benefits.

Our mission:

According to that fast world that searches for sequential information it became very necessary to provide the demanded tools to get this information because the ancient way of getting the demanded information in a right & a fast way became extinct nowadays. So; the modernist way now to get information in a perfect way is the database with all its types if we put in mind the time & the right data factors to make right decisions. 

   world nowadays especially in The Middle East which moves quickly to that global technology is waiting longingly to all solutions in the medical system mechanization field. Egypt is considered a center of culture & development towards the Arab world from ancient times. Nowadays Egypt is considered the first country in the Arab world that exports technology especially in the software industry field which develops very quickly to be the leader through the coming few years to become a center & a base of our  national income. 

Our vision:

To maintain our leadership in the developed health care field & IT market. We expand our services to present successful & integrated solutions through the proper business, the deployment of new technologies & creating big & invasive customers' database in The Middle East & Africa.

CompuMedical company since it was established in 1992 & developed that field. So; our goal was expanding horizontally in the software industry & vertically in the health sector.

We give the decision makers in those sectors the opportunity to make the right decision through software systems & database which present a very effective & simple way to deal with statistics & medical, financial & analytic reports in a bilingual style (English/ Arabic)    

Our capabilities:

1. providing all customers'  requirements in different health care sectors through analysis, ongoing planning, designing and implementing application systems and information infrastructure development to cope with changes which occur in the health sector to apply them on the management systems of our medical facilities. 

2. Give the technical & administrative consultations to the medical facilities to apply medical information systems (software) 

3.  Integrating software, hardware and networking components 

4. Knowledge training and change management transfer to our medical systems' users.


staff is a result of the significant investments in human resources and skills development which are dispensed toward our people at the mercy of their empowerment as individuals, as professionals, and as leaders.